Sunday, August 13, 2006

Emotional Intelligence (15 second video)

Wife and I are on vacation next week, and we get a few days sans kids in Savannah. Nice. I do want to send you my reasons why New York City is an important investment for the gospel. And I want to tell you about our church. Hopefully I’ll get a chance next week sometime.

This particular post is to satisfy those who keep asking for family pictures. This is a video that displays the new developments in the Boy's emotional intelligence. :)

Which is your favourite emotion?

1. Happy?
2. Sad?
3. Angry?
4. Pensive?

HERE is a profound verse and worthy of consideration.

By the way, do you like the Nicholas Bradford haircut on The Boy? (For comparison, see below)

Points for anyone who can say what show was he in? What was his most horrifying moment? And what personal angst were you going through when that show was being aired?)

Love, Justin.


seapea said...


i'll miss scaring him tomorrow morning but my horribly little apt beckons my help... but i'll be there for the grillin'!

Justin said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Seapea.

My Australian friends, feel free to say Hello to our friend Seapea!

Keen for some summer grillin' and talking about the Bible!

chelsea said...

hehehe i like pensive too! haha classic!

Jman, I love that Ecclesiastes verse!
I actually read Ecc last week and wrote down that verse to post too! You beat me to it haha, but thats ok...definately something that can be hard to remember but such truth in it.

Justin said...

No Nicholas Bradford angst stories?

Is there anyone out there who remembers...

Em said...

Wasn't Nicholas bradford the little kid from "8 is enough" -- if so then 'the boy' is a dead set ringer for him. I love the hair cut. Cute as a button!
Thank you for including that footage. Made me smile some.
My favourite emotion is hapiness...

Em said...

btw...have a great time in Savannah.
I went there about 5 years ago and did the "midnight in the garden of good and evil" tour....
but i guess that's not the kind of tour one does with 2 small children....
it's very pretty there though
enjoy the holiday without me:(

The Pocknalls said...

I had forgotten all about "Eight is Enough"! It took me about 30 seconds for the name to register. I used to love watching it! I always thought Nicholas was a bit of a pain, but loved his older siblings.
It is great being able to see the Boy in action.

chelsea said...

oh yeah meant to add, enjoy the holiday :)

sorry, no recognition of Nicholas Bradford i'm afraid...i did look him up though, but that doesnt help much with the angst stories...

Simon Elliott said...

I remembered that he was from 8 is enough, I have no idea what his worst moment was. Perhaps when he ran away from his step (new) mother, though it is all pretty vague recollections.
I am interested in your question about personal trauma, what was your personal trauma Jud?
Glad to see the family growing, enjoy kid free time.

Justin said...


Nicholas Bradford burnt down the house. He burnt the whole thing down. By accident of course. But at that age, accident is the same thing as lighting it with a match and explosives.

As far as that kid was concerned, it was arson. That was my angst. Angst by proxy.

And the haircut didn't help one little bit.

Jim Elliot blog said...

For sure, pensive is also my favourite...


Eddo said...


I just used Ecc 7:14 as inspiration in a talk at an old age home. Went off like a treat. hmm..
had to tie it back in a little ;)
(used James 1:2-4 then Ps 103:7-13)

Good times

Simon Elliott said...

Would you like to use this forum to confess something about some sort of arson you carried out as a child.
Did the bush land near Denistone station ever spontaneously or Justinly combust?
Feel free to use the internet as your own private confessional. It's good for the soul apparently.
Enjoying your blog, hope NYC treats you well.

Drew said...

Pensive? Damn, was going for thoughtful...

Nixter said...

i liked pensive