Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twittering New Years Eve in the City

We live right at the base of the Southern Side of the approach to the Harbour Bridge. So, we are right there in the thick of it for New Year's Eve in Sydney. Should be noisy and fun.

Last year, Michael Winram and I hacked it out in Time Square in the cold. No such suffering this year.

It's 4PM on the 31st now. It's 77F, 25C, and we going to stroll the City with the kids now until maybe 6-7PM. Then we'll cook up a BBQ on the deck here, while watching the mayhem begin.

I'm hoping my kids don't learn any new words tonight -- maybe put them to sleep in the more 'sound-proofed' rooms. We may head out to the apartment of a couple who go to our church. And I could be climbing the Church Bell Tower or York Street for a view of the fireworks at midnight.

Will be Twittering HERE.

It should be interesting to be in the middle of it!

Enjoy your New Year.



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