Friday, March 26, 2010

New Website for York Street Anglican

I present to you: The NEW WEBSITE of York Street Anglican.

Take a look.

Comments, corrections and suggestions are always welcome.

Those Moore College students made us work this week (not that we don't every week!). And on the the things that tumbled out this week is a new website. It has been a few months in the making. And, of course, we've got somethings to work out next week (sermons online, for example). Bonnie is our Executive Administrator has been brilliant throughout this process. Give us feedback.

(You can also follow us on TWITTER and find us on FACEBOOK.)

Pic is by Bonnie Rozorio.


Allan At Farcountry said...

great website!! I really like the simplicity! Interestingly, of all places, I was converted in Albuquerque NM. We must share our stories in April. looking forward to that.

Mikey Lynch said...

Hooray for you guys! I like it.

Nice feel and exciting vision.

A couple of fuzzy things:

- I personally don't like mini-scrolling windows on websites
- There's a lot of buttons along the top. I'm sure some/all of the first four of these could be merged?

Mike Paget said...

Pretty, but not sure how functional it is. But that may just be simply because I haven't seen the logic or rationale that you've invested in the site. I found that the process flows seemed a little fuzzy, and I wonder if the language of 'gatherings' is a little opaque.

I also wonder about the implications of the shift from 'our team', 'our story' to 'your kids' - creepy?

Mike Paget said...

One other thought - keep in mind that a Flash-based site is going to be harder to maintain in the long run, and that you won't be able to link to specific pages.