Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A psychic gave three Australians in NYC $20 to buy a Bible

From a dear friend in New York City:
I was just sitting in a Borders bookstore--in the religion section--to kill some time this afternoon. Three twenty-something girls came in and started looking for an "easy-to-read" Bible, so I asked them what they were doing.

They said a psychic had just given one of them $20 and told them to go buy a Bible! They picked up an NIV, so I told them that'd be a good one, and it was exactly $20.

They had accents so I asked them where they were from. They said, Australia! I said, Sydney? They said, yes! They said they're leaving NYC tomorrow.

So I said, listen, you must find my friend Justin Moffatt back in Sydney. I gave them your website and your name, and told them you were at York Street. One of the girls said she worked a block away.

They were walking away saying, "Wow, that was totally meant to be. You know, we have to go now."

And, opinions on psychics aside, I must agree! I'll pray that they do indeed show up.

How about that?
Great Story! Haven't seen them yet! But we shall see...

Pic on Flickr by Serhio.


pete said...

Bizarre and yet so cool. How good is God.

andy jamieson said...

Thats awesome, you should put a sign up on the notice board to let them know you are waiting...

"To the people who bought a bible in Borders NYC, I'm Justin, come say hello"

foto─čraf ├žekimi said...

thank you very much