Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are there only Six Sydney Rectors who Blog?

Mike Jensen has a Blog roll of all the Moore students, teachers and alumni who Blog.

But is there a list of Sydney Anglican Rectors (Senior Ministers) who have personal Blogs?

I can find only these six who have personal Blogs:
  1. Shane Rogerson -Minister at Cook's River Anglican
  2. Michael Kellahan -Minister Roseville East Anglican
  3. Dominic Steele -Annandale Anglican
  4. Chris Braga - Summer Hill Anglican
  5. Roger Bray - Macquarie Anglican Churches
  6. Yours Truly - York St Anglican
(If it's not too forward, I'd like to see Dominic and Chris make comments outside of their specific contexts. They are good men who have so much to say. And Roger, mate, keep blogging, brother.)

Are there any others?

Pic of St Philips York St by Dan Anderson.


Lara said...

Does Wollongong count as part of Sydney? Lionel Windsor from St Michael's blogs: http://www.lionelwindsor.net/

Justin said...

Lara. Top guy, Lionel. But is he a senior minister?

Lara said...

Ah. Rector = senior minister. Guess I'm showing that I'm not really an Anglican!

Matthew Moffitt said...

There are some rectors who blog on sola panel, i.e. Sandy Grant.

Matthew Moffitt said...

And apparently Phillip Jensen has his own website now. But since he's officially a Dean and not a Rector, then maybe he doesn't count.

Matthew Moffitt said...

And Pete Sholl does, but he's now in Mexico and no longer a rector.

Justin said...

There are a few rectors writing for various things like Sydney Anglicans and Sola Panel. I am talking about the specific activity of personal blogging. Representing themselves, not another organisation.

And if PDJ keeps up his own website, then I'd be happy to include him. But I think that Ben is putting up his stuff. It isn't Blogging, right?

Matthew Moffitt said...

And Roger Bray at Macquarie Anglican Churches blogs (I know this by rereading the comments on MPJ's original post.

That's enough from me for now.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Fair point.

Maybe PDJ is the Tom Clancy of the SAD blogging world, i.e. ghost blogging.

Tim Foster also had a blog (last update June 2006), but he's also no longer a Rector in Sydney

Are blogging Rector's becoming extinct?

Justin said...

Corrected re Roger Bray.

Anonymous said...

I include reflections and 'sermon out takes' as well as news on the mainpage of stmarks.com.au. Does that count?

Craig Schafer said...

OK I didn't really plan to be anonymous, I just have trouble clicking correct radio buttons!

Anonymous said...

What about Andrew Barry? Is he a rector yet? http://whatihadtoleaveout.blogspot.com/

He doesn't blog much, but I think I basically understand the Sermon on the Mt because of what he chucked on the 'cutting room floor'.

Also, since our year at college (4th year 2009) seems to have quite a few bloggers, give it three years or so (perhaps more for those of us who are a bit slow) and there'll be a rash of rector-bloggers. That's not to mention rectors and assistants who will pick it up in the meantime.

Relatedly (urgh), I've given up on Twitter and Facebook, but I still love my blog and the (small amount) of interaction that goes on there.

It gets me writing, rather than just farting out useless information, or unqualified, unreflective 140 char spits.

(I hate Twitter so much.)

Anonymous said...

My church's new website (www.stalbanslindfield.com.au) hosts a couple of blogs, including that of our rector Michael Crichton! Does that count?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicar,
rector is such an ugly word don't you think? and Jesus is our senior pastor (or is it chief shepherd) , and our most senior servant in the St Peters community is 80!

I wonder if church leaders don't blog as much because they are too too busy? and the ones that do are...well... not so busy?! thoughts?

I've noticed your blog rate has dropped since you came to York St. even some of the blogs you mentioned seem less bloggy that say this blog -ie publishing of ideas and promoting discussion.

it will only be a matter of time though before more young guys who are less x and more y start to take leadership roles I guess.

it may also reflect that there is not many church leaders whose main mission field and pastoral charge is under 35 bloggers?

Dominic said...


Hi mate. I hear you. I keep intend to do it more and to speak and write more broadly. I half write in the shower and other places several brilliant articles each day but never when I am near a keyboard (I will assert they are brilliant as not even my wife gets to see them because they don't make it to a keyboard).

But I am planning to become more active in this area.

Shane, in Christians in the Media/Annandale Community Church ministry there are 20+ active bloggers so I certainly should be doing some.



Anonymous said...

too right Dominic, we all should

I reckon the blog is significantly underrated as a pastoral and evangelistic tool.

it would also help younger men and women who are blogging if they had some good example set by their leaders maybe?

Mandy said...

Not a senior minister, but I stopped personal blogging when I posted one innocuous post that resulted in 3 women asking me if the post centred on something they had said to me. It didn't! But it made me conscious of the fact that women were sharing of themselves with me, and I wanted them to know that they were safe to do that and their stories, even with details changed, wouldn't end up on my blog even months later.

Lara said...

Mandy's got a good point. I did once appear as an example in a minister's blog post, without being consulted beforehand, and I did find it hurtful. Mandy, I think it's wonderful that you could see that even if you hadn't been using your women's stories on your blog, it would make them feel safer if they knew it couldn't ever happen. Well done to you!

Dominic said...

Justin, I am dipping my toe in the water.

Unknown said...

... thanks Ben B. Not a rector - assistant at Jannali. Maybe this blogger will wake again soon.

Dominic - you've more than dipped a toe in - you've dived into the deep end. Well done. ;)

Christopher Braga said...

Point taken about personal content. I know that my blog is very public and so am careful what to write about. I've just made some posts on a few things that might be of interest.

Louisa Claire said...

Can't provide any answers to your question but do have one of my own, if I may...why is a senior minister called a Rector in Sydney and a Vicar in Melbourne?

byron smith said...

As Matt said, Tim Foster started a blog, and then moved on to other things. He also started being a Sydney rector, and has now moved onto other things. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Rev. Andrew Katay, Ashfield Anglican
has a blog - http://apkatay.wordpress.com/

Justin said...

Anon -- Katay started up one week after this post. And I acknowledged his entry into the Blogging world.

You can see that by clicking HERE.

Anonymous said...


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