Saturday, April 18, 2009

7 Rector's Blogging: Katay on Building Church with Care.

Andrew Katay, from Christ Church Inner West Anglican Community is has a new Blog called: "Gold, silver, Costly Stones" (Being careful how we build).

So, we now have 7 Rectors:
  1. Shane Rogerson -Minister at Cook's River Anglican
  2. Michael Kellahan -Minister Roseville East Anglican
  3. Dominic Steele -Annandale Anglican
  4. Chris Braga - Summer Hill Anglican
  5. Roger Bray - Macquarie Anglican Churches
  6. Andrew Katay - Christ Church Inner West Anglican Community
  7. Yours Truly - York St Anglican
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Pic on Flickr by BarneyF.


Matthew Moffitt said...

Is there any significance in 5 out of 7 blogging rectors come from the South Sydney Region?

rd said...

(tongue firmly in cheek)
A: maybe they don't have enough to do...