Thursday, April 30, 2009

Link: Pursell on Early Days in Preaching

Sam Pursell is a friend. He was once a kid in the Youth Group that I used to pastor. So I've known him since he was in Year 7 (Middle School for my US readers). He is now in ministry, training at Roseville East to spend a lifetime preaching Christ. He writes over at On The Way.

Today he writes an honest post on preaching -- a reflection that took me back to 1989. He writes how hard it is to preach:
Why is preaching so hard? I hardly get nervous about anything in my life, but the prospect of presenting the gospel in front of more than 8 people can twist my stomach like a wet sponge being wrung out? How can I listen back to my sermon and be bored at the sound of my own voice? Why does a pulpit make my arms stop acting naturally and instead move like a robot in a game of charades?
I totally remember this. I still have fear when preaching, but not like I did 20 years ago. 20 years ago I would hope, for a whole week beforehand, that the ground would open up and take me away. I found preaching harder than exams. Much harder.

But then Sam applies these thoughts to the Bible, in a way that makes me think that I need to continue to feel like I did in 1989. Treasure in Jars of Clay.


Good work. 

Take a look HERE.

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Andrew Katay said...

Nice post.

I wonder too whether there are seasons in preaching.

Some periods of time it's very much the sense of inadequacy. Others, this fear takes the form of a fierce love that is determined to do everything you can to enable others to hear the voice of God.

Justin said...

Yes, Katay.

And the other season -- to be rejected -- is a season of apathy. Where one knows how to preach, and gets lazy in reading, application, insight, truth and passion.

May God spare us.

Sam Pursell said...

Thanks Justin. Well we know which season I am in ;)