Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two People...

Here are two people that I am proud of (if this be not condescending):

Michael Jensen and I have been friends for over 20 years (since High School). He recently spoke on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) about his new book YOU. Do yourself a favour: take 20 minutes to listen to >>>THIS. MPJ has found a voice that is evangelical, honest, gracious and true. It's new apologetics.

Luke Woodhouse is a dear friend and he was one of my MTS guys at St Ives. Love Luke and his wife Vicki. Luke gives warm testimony to Sydney Anglican preaching >>>HERE. It is worth your time for a 2 minute read - "Five Things I Love about Sydney Anglican Preaching". Luke's Blog is shaping up. It might be worth you making his Blog a regular.

Working on the ten posts on travel.

Pic on FLickr by Thetruthabout....

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Anonymous said...

you're very kind.
my blog stats sky rocket when you linked to it.
not that I ever check my blog stats ;-)