Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Web Address for York St

Why I battled with the old address. (
  1. It felt too cumbersome.
  2. Is 'st' a street or a saint?
  3. Is St Philip's one l or two ls?
  4. And where has the apostrophe gone?
  5. Anything with a dash in it becomes too complicated.
  6. When I think of .org, I think of a charity, which we are not.
  7. I don't mind the .au, but it adds another layer to the address.
Why we chose the new one. (
  1. Although it is a similar length, it doesn't feel cumbersome to me.
  2. It tells you where we are (York St)
  3. And it tells you who we are (Anglican)
  4. No one has to remember how many l's in Philip?
  5. No dash.
  6. No .org
  7. No .au
There were other options, but this one seemed best.

Thoughts on the address?

(First 5 to email me at my new address will get a specific link to their Blog sometime in the next week.)

Pic of St Philip's by Dan Anderson.


Sam Pursell said...

I think the makes people comfortable it is an Australian address, because .com is the US top level domain.

Will people end up thinking 'York St Anglican church' rather than St Philips... do you need to change materials in light of this?

And yes dashes are too hard :)

Sam Pursell said...

Sorry, would comfort people more than .com that it is an AU site...

Andrew + Jessica said...

I am the 2nd e-commerce p[rofessional to respond... waiting on Andy Jamo's input as a 3rd...

".com" means business... which I am sure you do... just in a different way

".org" is a better option in my mind...

Justin said...

My problem is that I have been a part of (or involved with) three churches in the past ten years:

So hard for me to feel the business thing.

Also -- the other reason that we didn't choose .au (I'm told) was the it was more expensive and more difficult to obtain.

Dominic said...

justin you want to have one brand. So if you change the web name you should change signage, handouts etc as well. Cheers dominic

RodeoClown said...

Is the church "York St Anglican", and the building "St Phil(l)ips"?

From a purely economical point of view, adding that ".au" to a ".com" address is really expensive.

.coms cost < $10/year, while the australian version is a lot more...

Also .com is technically a COMmercial site, but I think if you ask random people on the street, they would just say .com means "internet".

Justin said...


Thanks brother. Your advice then, before we embark on 10 years of bad branding! :) Now is the time to do something, right?

We have been in the past (and present)

- Old St Philip's (1800s)
- St Philip's, York St (official - in the diocese handbook)
- St Philip's, Church Hill
- St Philip's on York
- York St Anglican
- And sometimes, with people who know, simply: 'York St'.

That's our past: many nicknames.

How do we take us into the future?

Tell me about you guys. COs you guys are:

- Christians in the Media
- Annandale Community CHurch.
- St Aidens (which you dropped from your lingo, right)

What would you suggest?

Justin said...

Rodeoclown gets it!

That's what I think about .COM -- just means 'internet'.

Mandy said...

and clicking on the link to yorkstreetanglican you are greeted with:
* 'Welcome to St Philip's' on the banner
* 'Welcome to St Philip's York St' as the heading
* The logo on the right says 'St Philips on York'
* The subheading refers to 'St Philip's Church'

I think you've just about covered the lot on the front page!

I'm with you on simplifying the email address - great to have something that people can guess at easily.

cafedave said...

It might be worth registering (a little more expensive, and a little more hassle, but not a great deal) and having it redirect to .com - that way you've covered off anyone who types the wrong thing.

Clifford Swartz said...


And your old business site in NYC has been refreshed! Check out nowadays...

Andy Jamieson said...


Great idea to make it simply, always a challenge!

One thought might be to ensure that all those other URLs, which were possible and confusing, were redirected (301 redirects) to the right URL.

Small cost involved, but a big service to people who know what they are looking for, but not sure where to find it.

Oh and redirect the "old" url to the new one.

Brand is key, but people also need to be able to find it!

Justin said...


301 redirects? What does that mean?