Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Sermon and my Outline have no 'chemistry' - they need counselling.

My friend Luke Woodhouse weighs in on the Usefulness of an Outline. Click HERE for very funny and insightful little piece. He says of the relationship between his printed outline and his sermon:
They’re not the best of friends. Maybe we should think about separating them. Or they should at least get some counseling. Maybe the printed outline might have more fun dating a lecturer or an OH&S seminar presenter.
Go over to Luke's Blog and make a comment.

'Yea' or 'Nay' to the Outline?

Pic on Flickr by Old Shoe Woman.


Mikey Lynch said...


Justin said...

Mikey. I gave up outlines (in church) more than 3 years ago. I still do Outlines for some things. But not generally in church.

But go and comment on Luke's Blog. He'd love the interaction from a person such as yourself.

Good man.

Anonymous said...

i'm a nay also, in name and opinion in this case. With a prescribed map of what's to come I often find my sinful self longing for the next point only to finally reach the end.

A blank page enables me to write down what strikes me throughout a sermon, or jot down reminders for what I need to kick myself for, as well as remember verses that encourage.

that's just me... it may be a different 'learning' habits thing.

Anton said...

I used a diagram for my last sermon outline. It was fun, but I still wished I could modify it on Saturday!