Monday, April 27, 2009

Link: Duncan Andrews on Reading the Bible

My friend Duncan Andrews writes over at Moments Now and Then

Here is the final verse of a poem Dunc wrote on his experience of reading the Bible:
And yet such joy! For I set myself
to love you more, to love you best;
but when my love stayed on the shelf,
dusty, weak, I heard ‘Child, rest.
It’s you loved best;
in my love you are blest.
You can read it all on HERE.

What is your experience of reading the Bible? Does it move you to write poetry?

Pic on Flickr by MiraM.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin - thanks for the link!
After I wrote that poem I stumbled across this from John Webster:

...we do not read well, not only because of technical incompetence, cultural distance […] or lack of readerly sophistication, but also and most of all because in reading Scripture we are addressed by that which runs clean counter to our will. Reading Scripture is thus a moral matter; it requires that we become certain kinds of readers, whose reading is taken up into the history of reconciliation ... Anyway, I found this a really helpful insight - my character as a reader is more significant than my 'readerly sophistication'...

John said...

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