Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Link: Earngey on New Calvinism, Jelly and why Mark Driscoll would have been rejected in Geneva.

My virtual friend Mark Earngey (I don't believe we've met in person) writes over at 'Seeing in a Mirror Dimly'. Mark is a Moore College student, and his Blog is a very thoughtful and generous one. Check it out. He's even asking 'What makes a good Blog'?

Mark reflects on the New Calvinism, liking it to a kind of Jelly.
There's a certain slipperiness and jelly-like quality to what's being called The New Calvinism. Terms like Reformed and Calvinist are wobbling around like they've been served up for dessert. But is this a bad thing?
Some good reflections and quotes there. And even a quote on why Mark Driscoll would have been rejected in St Peter’s in Calvin’s Geneva. There is even a suggestion for the way forward.

Read it HERE.

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Shane said...

what makes a good blog?
returning to your previous comments and finding they're still there! too hot?

Justin said...


Anonymous said...

ie what happened to ave maria

Justin said...

Vale Maria.

I ran my objections past the couple. They didn't care too much. Their soloist chose another piece.