Saturday, October 07, 2006

Micheal Jensen is talking about YOU.

Thanks for letting me indulge with that last set of posts. Thanks for those who corresponded.

Michael Jensen and I were discussing yesterday that it’s harder to read and comment on content-based Blogs. You don't (and I don't) want to spend too much time reading, thinking and then commenting on a heavier Blog. That works for bloggers like Tim Challies and the Pyromaniacs. But for the rest of us: heavy content = less traffic.

But sometimes a Blog comes along where it’s good to read and comment - not just for its content (good), but for its outcome (a book).

So here is my commendation:

Read MPJ’s YOU Blog.
If you want to know why it’s important, Here is MPJ's plan.
And join the conversation late (don’t worry if you haven’t read the other posts).

And here is what to do:
  • Comment
  • Ask a question
  • Make a one-liner
  • Tell a story
  • Make a reference to a book, movie, song, poem or whatever
  • Be critical

Don't feel intimidated by MPJ’s brilliance -- it’s all smoke and mirrors, really! :) He really does want collaboration and feedback on his work.

Love, Justin.


michael jensen said...

That's Mich A E l...

Justin said...

Now THAT'S embarrassing, since it happens that Michael is my middle name:

jsutin micheal mfofatt


The Pocknalls said...

Very true. I cannot read Michael's blog (sorry Michael). It is way too wordy and heavy. By the time the computer goes on of an evening - ie. children bathed and fed and read to etc etc - sitting down with a glass of wine, one wants to see photos and funny/personal stories. I have to admit I can only skim yours at times Justin. Probably a reflection of my mental ability at this point of my life, or the need to completely veg at the end of a busy day.

michael jensen said...

Ah, I think you are talking about my OTHER blog...! But I know what you mean.

Justin said...

Harsh, but...

michael jensen said...


byron said...

Traffic: bad on king street, good on blogs.

The Pocknalls said...

Yes. Was speaking about other blog. Yet to read this one.