Friday, December 08, 2006


Can you believe that the concept of ‘Win-Win’ has a Wiki entry? Well, it does. It’s small. But it's there.

Here is win-win:

Justin’s parents (Mike and Nowell) live in Sydney. They want:

  1. To see their grandchildren face to face, instead of on Skype. And to bond with and to get to re-know them (Primary reason)
  2. To visit one of their offspring and offspring wife, and to give them a break (A close second)
  3. To enjoy Christmas time in New York (a distant, distant third, I’d say)

Justin and Laurel live in New York. They want:

  1. A break in the demands of parenthood (Laurel in particular -- who has the lion’s share)
  2. A chance to walk down 5th Ave in crowds without a stroller
  3. To go on a dinner date at a restaurant without asking about high-chairs
  4. To go to a movie
  5. To go to work guilt-free :) (Justin) or continue to study child-free (Laurel)
  6. To go skating in Central Park without worrying if the kids are permanently *gone* in the crowds
  7. Enjoy being with parents for the Christmas season in New York City

Now -- I’d call their visit, win-win.


2 John V12: "Though I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink. Instead I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete."

Laurel and Nowell at the Central Park Zoo. (Above)

The Boy discovers Static Electricity with Grandpa. (Above)

Laurel waving on the Wollman Rink in Central Park. (Above)

Love, Justin.

PS -- Now, a total win would be to have a White Christmas -- which is defined as an inch of snow covering the ground on Christmas morning. But Wiki tells me that that the: chances of a White Christmas are 10% in New York. Those are bad odds...


chelsea said...

haha that is a great photo of the boy!!

Definately sounds win-win to me! Sounds lovely! Hope you have a good time!

Sharon said...

definately win-win, hope you have a very happy family christmas
S xxxx

Benjamin Ady said...

looks like we've got even less--only 7 percent. Notice how wiki doesn't even list any cities in australia? I'd say Megan's chances of a white christmas are nil. However she has better chances of swimming in the sea on Christmas day than either of us.

Jenny, Andrew, Madeleine, Lauren & Oliver said...

Hi Justin and Laurel. I am loving the win-win.
I was struck by the photo of your dad carrying the girl - how much you are like him Justin. I had not noticed it before.
I hope you do get a white Christmas.

Liesl said...

Yes, it's too bad we don't celebrate Christmas in February, because the chance of having a white Christmas would increase dramatically. I hope you all continue to win-win!