Sunday, March 18, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Remember Planes, Trains and Automobiles? I haven't gone as far as John Candy and Steve Martin, but I have been tempted.

I've been stuck in Pittsburgh for two days because of a SNOW STORM in NYC (and Pittsburgh).

I came for one day to spend time with David Henry while Laurel and kiddos were having Spring-Break in Savannah. I was due to fly out of Pittsburgh on Friday morning to be back at La Guardia airport by 9am. Then came the Hoo-Haa. My flight was the first PIT-LGA flight to be cancelled. And then it was game-over.
"By late last night, US Airways said it had scrapped 1,217 of its scheduled 3,700 flights."
Mine was one of them.

Ahhhhh. John Candy. Where are you now?

I finally secured a seat on a flight tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 7:40am. The booking agent told me that I had an "Exit Row". I told him I'd take "Chicken Coup". If you are a praying person, pray that that flight takes off and lands in LGA on time. I really don't want to miss church- that is why I am in NYC. As it is, I'll be turning up in jeans and sneakers. Lucky I always overpack underwear and socks.

Did I just get too personal?


Em said...

Oh Justin, that is not so much fun.
I have just prayed for you now.
I hope some of that snow is still around when I get there in exactly 1 month....
God bless

Anonymous said...

I'll wear jeans and sneakers in solidarity.

I've prayed that you get here safely!


chelsea said...

man that brings back some memories!

When I lived in the US we went back to NZ for a holiday and on our return got stuck in Chicago for 2-3 days because of a blizzard...
long story short, we ended up renting a car and driving back through it to Indianapolis...
now that was an interesting experience!

Still, gotta love that snow right...

anyway, hope u get back safetly + on time!

Eric said...

I was sure our church bulletin this morning would say (like a Broadway program), "Appearing in the role of Justin Moffatt this morning will be..." Glad to see you made it back OK, and in time!

BTW I met John Candy in my previous live as a multimedia designer - I can tell you about it at home fellowship group on Friday!

Justin said...

Update: I got on the plane, despite that fact that 3 days of passengers where packed into PIT airport. Hooley Dooley.

Got into church exactly 10 minutes beforehand.

SD -- Where you in Jeans and Sneakers? I missed your vote of solidarity!

Eric -- great to see you today! We shall talk on Friday.

Anonymous said...

jeans and sneakers, very sienfeld.

I wore thongs to church on sunday night - maybe we have different dress codes . . .

glad to hear your safe and sound

PS: that wasn't too personal - it was just starting to get interesting!

scott T

Justin said...

Scott, can you clarify 'thong' for our US readers?

Thats OK, let me clarify for you.

Goldy said...

Glad to know the flight got you there. There are certain romantic notions I have about living in a country that has nice things like snow, but there are two realities that I am glad not to have! (Snowed in flights & icy roads!!!!0

Anonymous said...

hh yes!

Thanks Jman - that could have looked dedgey!

Here in South Africa they are called to as 'slip slops'. Yes, it's definately not the other thing . . ..