Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Wall St Journal on The Cricket World Cup

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The article includes these words:

For too long now has cricket been dominated by Australia's unyielding and highly tactical aggression. It does not play an ugly game, but its methods and mien are seldom beautiful. Australia's cricketers care not whether they are loved, except by their own fans, who, having drunk deeply of the same cultural cup as their
cricketers, celebrate hardnosed methods. But if there's one good thing that might come out of an Aussie victory, it would be this: Americans might understand, at long last, that cricket isn't played by a bunch of petunias.
Would any American care to comment on this spectacular game? Do you like it? Why? Why not? Do you get it? What don't you get? And would you like to donate some $199:95 to the "Justin Misses His Cricket Fund"? ":)

And would any subject of her Majesty care to comment on why this game is so good?


Christopher said...

An American who does love it is Jack White from the White Stripes.

Watching cricket is like reading a good novel, it is slow and measured and before you know it you are completely gripped by it and can't look away.

Ok that is a little highbrow.

If you go to a match you can sit in the sun drinking beer, making beer snakes and then sing insulting songs to the police when they try to take away your beer snake. Like "What's the colour of a two-cent piece? Copper! Copper!" and there is another one but I might not reference it here:)

One difference between cricket and baseball is that cricketers don't wear tights, but they do wear hideous colour schemes.

Justin at least you will be in a good time zone for watching the World Cup, but I suppose the down side is that they won't be showing all that much, yes/no?

Luke Collings said...


What about Dean Jones rushed to hospital in India in the tied test of '86?

What about Rick McCosker striding back out to the wicket with a broken jaw?

To compare the likes of Viv Richards, Ian Botham, Doug Walters, Keith Miller, Ray Lindwall, ad nauseum ad infinitum, to common garden ornaments is insult beyond description.

May our Yankee (and Confederate) brothers one day repent and return to the True Faith. I will say a special prayer at the Church of the Blessed St Benaud.