Sunday, December 16, 2007


Click for Facebook for Seniors.

H/T Hamish M


Jenny said...

Very funny!

seapea said...

pretty hilarious. i think facebook will morph into a seniorbook anyway (the next generation, like the little boy & the little girl, won't even like facebook cuz it's so "dated")

Anonymous said...

What does H/T stand for?

Darren & Simone said...

Hey Justin,
Would have loved a Christmas Ale behind singles overlooking Paul's...

Hope you get a White Christmas

In prayer,

Melissa said...

Hey Justin! It was great to see you and Laurel! Glad you could stop the house. And the kids are precious!! I'd love to link up to you... let me know if that's ok!

Missy (from Atlanta, now in Saipan!)