Wednesday, January 02, 2008

May Your Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven...

Laurel and I are looking forward to the new year by taking joy in the hope and peace that come from Jesus. Personally, I'm thankful to God for the Bible - because the Scriptures *alone* inform me that this hope and peace is a real option.

Why do I say that?

Just now, I clicked onto a particular Newspaper and saw the following six headlines (There were no others. These were the only headlines on the page!)

Father Murders Daughter.
61 Year Old hacked to death.
Punched and robbed for his mobile.
Pilot fears runway falls short.
Israeli embassy evacuated.
Victim's family grieve over hit and run.

Hooley Dooley.

'Happy New Year' seems pretty glib in the face of that news.

Maranatha seems far more appropriate, don't you think?

(At least the cricket is going well... unless you are from India.)

Pic on Flickr by ie-fotografie.

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jodi said...

scriptures *alone* eh? sometime soon i want to see a fuller post on that conversation that we had over breaky. the well from within that the Spirit provides.

still reading. still praying.