Friday, January 18, 2008

Anglicanism: One more thing before I start...

Louisa - You said in the comments of the introductory post that you were not sure about the Anglican Church after 5 years of working for an Anglican Church. I hear you. But it is worth saying that Dr. Barnett begins his Ten Elements with this stipulation:
I refer to Anglicanism as defined in the historic formularies: the Book of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles.
That is, we are not discussing each person's particular experience of the Anglican church, but rather, what Dr. Barnett has called "Historic Anglicanism". Hope that helps. Perhaps we are talking about the way the church ought to be, rather than what it often is.

(For my readers: Dr. Barnett may be reading this Blog during the week. So bear that in mind as you make your comments.)

Mike -- hold your horses, mate.



Louisa said...

Hi Justin,
Thanks for your clarification. I should perhaps do the same - my experiences of church community over the past 5 years have been great. It's more been my increased understanding of the structure and hierarchy of the Anglican system that has me asking questions at this point. I am most interested in how/if this aspect of Anglicanism is addressed by Dr Barnett. Enjoyed the first post & in agreement; the Anglican Church is Biblical! Will save any additional questions I may have 'til the end now. Thanks for posting on this Justin - as always, both helpful and thought provoking.

Justin said...

Thanks Louisa! Please make any thoughts as you go! I would love the interaction...