Thursday, January 24, 2008

From "Ten Elements" to "Ten Things" (An interlude)

I showed Dr. Barnett's Ten Elements to a friend today, and accidentally left the hard copy with him. Oops. Will get back to you tomorrow hopefully.

In the meantime, some NYC news:

I was near NYU today meeting with a student, and I walked past the apartment where Heath Ledger lived and died yesterday. It is near my home. I was there for about 5 seconds. Nothing to see except media and people thinking that they'd see something. Not sure what.

Here is what was weird: a mere 10 minutes previous to this, I saw Julia Stiles (Ledger's Ten Things I Hate About You co-star), walking into a pet store near NYU. I don't know if Julia and Heath have kept in contact since 1999. But in my mind, they are inseparable since they both got their big break in 'Ten Things' . I really don't know, but she seemed very normal and relaxed and unaffected as she strolled into the little Manhattan corner store.

I've seen Julia Stiles twice since moving here. She lives close by, I believe. On both occasions, she was polite and looked at our kids and smiled warmly at them. But seeing her today made me realize that actors, like Styles and Ledger, are real people with real lives.

And, it would appear, not immune from pain.


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