Wednesday, January 09, 2008

#2- The Invisibility of God: Personally Speaking.

This is a Sermon on the Invisibility of God. Read the text: JOHN 1:1-18. And read from the bottom up. It was preached at preached at Christ Church NYC on December 30, 2007. Comments welcome.

Do you struggle to love an invisible God?

I do.

A personal note: Sometimes when things are really hard, I'll be lying in bed at night raising my arms up, and I'll be saying to God (and to myself!) in a half-prayer – "God, show me your face; make yourself plain. God, make it more obvious for me; give me a clue here."

And I know many who feel the same.

Even my 3 year old son has the problem. My wife said to The Little Man: "Jesus is in the room with us now". And he shrugged his shoulders and said: "No, he isn’t. I can't see him. Where is he?"


My wife had a great answer to that question (she's a smart woman). My wife is pregnant with (God willing) #3. She asked The Little Man if he could see the baby. He replied "No".

Then she asked him: "Is the baby in the room with us?" He said: "Yes". "Well", said Wife, "seeing isn't the only way to decide if someone is present."

He seemed satisfied (or was it that lunch was over?)

But still a real issue isn't it?

More to come...

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Finite Rex said...

Great comment from Laurel to the Little Man. Congratulations on number 3! Our prayers are with you.