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#1- The Invisibility of God: INTRO

This is a Sermon on the Invisibility of God. Read the text: JOHN 1:1-18. And read from the bottom up. It was preached at preached at Christ Church NYC on December 30, 2007. Comments welcome.

The Invisibility of God is perhaps one of the greatest stumbling blocks to faith in God. It is right up there (and related to) the Problem of Evil.

It goes something like this:

I can’t see God. I can barely see his hand in the world. I’m told that I have to give my whole life to him. That I have to take up my Cross and follow him.

But how can I do that without something more tangible? How can I do that without an actual meeting? Or something...

And I understand that -- If someone rang me sight unseen, and insisted that I give my whole life to them - my money, my family, the keys to the apartment - I’d be calling 311 and lodge a complaint. Or maybe 911 and call for the cops.

The Invisibility of God is a huge difficulty for many Christians. It’s such a big problem for many believers that Philip Yancey wrote a book about it called "Reaching for the Invisible God". It’s largely written from the point of view of his personal struggles.

The Invisibility of God is so big for inquirers that for many it’s a deal breaker. "If I can’t see God, I won’t listen to any other arguments or suggestions or reasons for God."

Do you struggle to love an invisible God?

More to come...


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