Thursday, January 10, 2008

#11- The Invisibility of God: God in the Pit with us.

H/T Andrew Katay for a part of this reflection.

All of this simply means: When you know Jesus, you know God. When you read Jesus, you are reading God. When you see how Jesus loves people, you see how God loves people. When you see Jesus denounce the self-sufficient, you know how God feels about the self-sufficient.

But it's better than that. It means that God become what we are: We are creatures; he took creaturehood to himself. We are weak creatures; he took weak creaturehood, flesh, to himself. We are sinful weak creatures; and he took sinful weak creaturehood to himself, and overcame all that was sinful and weak in the power of his divine life and made it pure and good.

There is nothing: No weakness; no frailty, no failure, no temptation that we can experience that he has not experienced as well.

He got into the pit with us.


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