Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sermon Audio: Romans 5:1-11 (Plumbing the Depths of God's Love)

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I was 15 when they finally found the wreck of the Titanic. Before then, people had a rough idea of the location of the Titanic (the Atlantic), and we knew that the Titanic was grand from the pictures. And we enjoyed the idea of the Titanic.

But on the Labor Day Long Weekend of 1985, they actually found the wreck. They plumbed the depths of the Atlantic, and found the wreck.

And the images that came out on that National Geographic Magazine... They were wonderful.

Suddenly, with my 15 years old own eyes, I could put some real shape on the dimensions of the Titanic as it exists today. I could see how high and wide and deep was the Titanic.

I say all this, because I wonder whether you and I have a similar story with the love of God in our lives.

But for many of us, we know God’s love is there. We know that it’s meant to be grand. And we enjoy the idea of it. Or the theory of it.

And yet we have not plumbed the depths of the love of God, and seen firsthand the sheer enormity of his grace.

Romans 5:5>
God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.
A friend of mine says: the reason most people have such a shallow experience of God’s love is that they narrow the activity of God down to a few years: The few years of my Christian life.

God’s love is bigger than your experience of it. And the narrative of God’s love is greater than the narrative of your life. And yet, God has poured his love into our hearts by his Spirit.

Romans is a book giving us that narrative of the Titanic Love of God.


(Sermon is on Romans 5:1-11. And the Link to the sermon is HERE.)



Eun said...

I remember my father was driving me home from somewhere once and as we were passing by LaGuardia airport, he remarked to me about his yellow cabbie days back before I was born and how his first few days in, he had a customer who wanted to go here and my dad had no idea where it was. On the way, he crashed head-on at full speed into a tree. He and the passenger both walked away from it and my father said it was the first time the notion of a God who was out there that possibly cared for him entered his mind.
That is when I just started realizing that God's faithfulness to me has been far beyond the years I have been alive.
so...no idea how I answered the question. but it is, in my opinion, a good story!

John said...

I love the bit about timing. I think it's beautiful.