Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Your Own Private Idaho

Wife and family and I are having a vacation in Idaho in August. Idaho? I really haven't thought about Idaho since the B-52s immortalized the state in 1980. Ah, the music of 1980 gives my heart joy.

Christ the Redeemer Church (in Spokane, in Eastern Washington State), have invited us out to their families conference where I will be teaching from the Bible. We are very much looking forward to it.

So .. Tips?

What can you do out there in Washington State or Idaho? Anyone know? Tricks? Cheap rental cars? Day Trips? Places to visit? Restaurants? Family things? Anyone know any contacts? Vacation homes? What have you...

Pic by Wolfgang Staudt.


Edmo of the No-Blog said...

When Elise and I got lost and ended up in the wrong state, we would consult the National Parks Service (which is, without a doubt, the best of its kind in the world). Bad news dude. Idaho has ONE national park. Craters of the Moon. It doesn't even sound intriguing. I'm sure it is - I mean, NPS would never had made a park a national site just because some Idaho senator was obstructing the Department of the Interior's budget, would they?

Jason Porter said...

Aawww now you have done it. Guess what song is playing in my head as I head off to sleep...

Never been there but in my limited experience (of Colorado and northern California) there must be lots of things and places to experience in Idaho. Just to go to church there will be wonderful.

God bless you and your (newly expanded) family and I hope you and your wife actually get a chance to have some rest.

frenchcanadianmissionary said...

I've got a couple of friends there and get out every couple of years.

Spokane is one of those cities that is growing ridiculously fast. It's perfectly hot, dry and sunny in the summer, and dry, cold and sunny in the winter. Kind of like Phoenix but with seasons.

As a result of the amazing hot, dry and sunny summers, water-skiing, fishing, hiking, and rock climbing are all popular activities... just watch out for the rattlers. White-water rafting is amazing as well.

Though the snow-skiing is amazing around Spokane (the dry powder is incredible), August is note exactly a winner month to try it out.

As a side-note, Idaho sells cigars 3x cheaper than Washington. So most people who are into that kind of thing in Spokane (not sure where an Anglican minister stands on that issue...) make the 15 minute drive across the border.


-Rob Karch

SeaPea said...

eat some potatos - supposed to be gold there.

and little mister and little missy can run around there like crazy since it'll be so VAST

Justin said...

Thanks all. Any more ideas...

(Rob -- tried to make a comment on your Blog and couldn't...)

(Jason -- Great to have you over? Have we met? How did you arrive here?)

Anonymous said...

Jim and I have passed through Spokane on our way to Montana a number of times. Coeur d'Alene in Idaho is close and lovely.

One word: huckleberries. (Pie, milkshakes, jam.) Second word: Yum

I'll check with Jim, but I think Sandpoint, ID was a place we like. It's beautiful.

Liz in SF

BarrettsinBurkina said...

Hi Justin,

I'm not really sure where Idaho is, but wanted to post a comment on your blog nonetheless.
I've been thinking for more than a year, I really ought to say "G'day" to that man who helped show me the narrow road in my early walk with Christ.
So "G'day". I also see you've inherited some kids in the US...I don't think you had that many before you left...must be something in the water.
Was very excited to see you posted on our I guess you know we are now in the middle of Africa.
God bless, Jon

John P. said...

Of course, if you can get the chance for a jaunt to Seattle I would highly recommend it...there is so much great stuff there: Ranier, St Helens, Puget Sound, downtown, can, for a small fee, go whale watching if you catch it at the right season. Did that when I was a kid and loved every minute of it.

don't know much about idaho, though. sounds like a fun trip.

Sharon said...

I once went to Spokane.....I remember the Amtrak station and a nice chat with a chap who had about 100 different ways to make coffee!

Jason Porter said...

Hi Justin

I was in the USA last September for a work training course. Back home in Penrith, NSW, now but would love to come back over with the family some time.

Kait said...

Yay for Idaho! When in August are you going? I'm going back to school mid-August, and if would love it if y'all wanted to come visit Moscow. I'm wracking my brains for something "interesting" to do up there...though Coeur de 'alene is rather pretty and only an hour or so from Spokane.

Justin said...

JB -- sorry for the late reply. Yes. We have 3 kids now. We had 2 in Sydney, but our daughter was born 5 weeks before we left.

Great to be back in touch.

Justin said...

Kait -- Great to have you post here. Moscow? Sounds cold. But we'll look into it.

We are going to spend most of our time in Coeur de 'alene. So thats good.

annie said...

Hey, if you do go to Moscow, ID (not nearly as cold as the other one), I can recommend a great French restaurant (really!!), very authentic, called 'West of Paris'. It's run by my former pastor, a Frenchman by the name of Francis Foucachon, who was trained as a chef in one of Lyon's top restaurants. He's got a great story... if you do go, tell them Annie sent you!

Justin said...

Annie -- So you are saying that in Idaho, there is a Parisian restaurant, in Moscow, which is actually in America.

I'm hurtin'.