Tuesday, July 08, 2008

PowerPoint: It is your destiny

I just received this email from a friend:
I've been thinking (as we all do from time to time) about good communication in sermons, use of PowerPoint etc. Got this from one guy warning about how PowerPoint can rob a presentation of narrative & dramatic impact.
Basically, I have repented of my use of PowerPoint.

Especially after I saw THIS -- The Gettysburg Address on PPT.



Martin Kemp said...

Does 'repent' mean 'never use powerpoint' or 'start using powerpoint well'?

Peter said...

I think the problem more is that people abuse/misuse PowerPoint. Also, I think even properly using PowerPoint lends itself to a different style of preaching. I think if the main purpose of preaching is to get n number of points across that tie together to some very specific topic, then PowerPoint can be very effective. But ideally, I think preaching should be more much than just trying to get a point across.

Justin said...

Good points from Marty and Peter.

I used PPT at my old church. But I used it mostly for graphics. Large, good, clear graphics that make the point.

But I do enjoy working on and thinking about how to communicate with just words.