Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Shot

The Little Man has just locked into his first historical obsession:

The Titanic.

He asks about it all day. We have to keep saying that while it may be interesting, it is still a tragedy.

With a little help from Dr Laurel, The Little Man made the Titanic today.
  • What interests did your kids lock down on early in their life?
  • Did it become an obsession?


Martin T said...

That is a good-looking ship for something made out of building blocks.

Jenny said...

I had a child I taught in Year 3 who could tell you any fact you wanted to know about the Titanic. And I mean EVERY fact... right down to the number of toilets on board. Completely obsessive about it. The class would groan when it was his turn for news, as we would be given a new talk on some aspect of the Titanic. I, on the other hand, loved it. It showed great passion.
Oliver tends to be the child in our brood who goes through obsessions. At the moment it is "H2O - just add water", a show about 3 girls who become mermaids. Andrew has just pointed out that this is a worry. He has been obsessed with Sponge Bob. And Thomas the Tank. And Maisy. And the movie "Underdog". Mmmmm... there is a theme emerging here. Time to turn off the TV!!

mandy said...

not my kid, but my brother...

THE WEATHER (at about ages 13-15)...

it started from a fascination with what he called "streams" (i.e. the water rushing down the curb after rain/storm)when he was about 7yrs old...

that steadily progressed to a significant point in time when he was about 14 -- if it rained, the rest of the family were "not allowed" to even speak or make a sound, as we wouldn't be able to hear the rain falling :S

thankfully now the interest is much healthier...:D