Tuesday, August 04, 2009

First Sunday of month: BEG (New PM Congregation)

I can't think of anything better than being linked to a missional church like Christ Church Inner West Anglican Communities, led by my friend Andrew Katay. His post, Missional Moving Out is worth a read.

It is a pleasure to be quoted by him.

York Street Anglican had our first Evening Congregation Planning on Sunday Evening. As we said, we met to beg God to act.

15 peeps squashed into our new lounge area in our new apartment with a view down Jamison St to George St.

We read the Bible (Isaiah 40, Ephesians 3, and Colossians 1); we begged God to act; we talked through some city profiles; proposed our 'song sheet' and went home with homework (an activity about providing a thoughtful and considered profile of the City.)

We filled our apartment with singing to Jesus like:
  • All creatures of our God.
  • Come, Thou Fount.
  • See Him Coming
  • How great is our God
  • O Lord My God
We then walked down to the Cargo Bar on the King St Wharf (Darling Harbour) and had dinner.

Room for plenty more. If you want to join the planning, then...
  • EMAIL me if you think God is leading you.
  • EMAIL me if you simply want updates for your prayers.
  • Send THIS LINK to people who may be interested.
And happy to partner with CCIW in whatever way seems good.

Pic on Flickr by p.altuna.


Unknown said...

praying for your new PM congregation!

Unknown said...

This is exciting stuff mate. Great to follow it from a distance!