Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Inspiring People' for City Workers

What inspires people like Peter Costello, Allison Shreeve, John Anderson, Steve Mortimer and Roger Corbett? How do they tackle life’s challenges and achieve results - from the boardroom to the sports field? This is your opportunity to hear a panel of some of Australia’s most inspiring people discuss their successes and failures, celebrations and difficulties, faith and doubts.

'Inspiring People' is a series of events planned for September and October in Sydney, as part of the strategy to reach the Central Business districts. It is organised by Connect 09, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, (And JAAL, CBF and CPX). Some things:

1. They are designed to attract outsiders, even those who don't know a Christian - hence we will advertise extensively in the CBD.

2. They will feature high profile Christians in prominent positions, who will tell their life stories, including their testimony, during panel discussions.

3. These discussions will be integrated with an offer to explore the Christian faith through the "Life of Jesus" course using "The Essential Jesus".

Choose from events over five weeks, either before, during or after work in the CBD, North Sydney and Parramatta. Starts Tuesday 15 September.

Of course we expect that many Christian city-workers will make the most of this opportunity to bring friends to a significant event where they can hear from: Commissioner Andrew Scipione (NSW Police Chief), Dr Michael Spence (Vice Chancellor of Sydney Uni), June Dally-Watkins, Professor Graham Clark (inventor Bionic Ear), Brad Mackay (Rugby League International), Lt General David Hurley (Vice-Chief ADF), Professor Alanna Nobbs (Macquarie Uni) and many more inspiring Australians.

What do you need to do?

1. Pray. All are welcome to come and find out more, and pray for the impact of these events. There will also be a special segment at the Connect09 Prayer Day today: Fri 28 August 2009 at Chapter House.

2. Encourage the city workers you know to get involved. We need prayer support, help with promotion and of course, people to invite their friends. All the event details are on the website 'Inspiring People'.

Please promote these events on your blogs, facebook pages, websites, everywhere!
Pic on Flickr by Shadphotos.


Matt said...

I'll definitely be praying for this event - Roger Corbett is the Vice Chairman of Fairfax, our parent company, so there will hopefully be some interest from our workplace in going along to his event.

I've already sent the invite out, so we'll see how we go...

Andrew said...

What an excellent little website it is as well. Let's hope and pray it gets a lot of traffic and the events stir a lot of interest.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!