Friday, November 27, 2009

Blogging London #4: 'I'll fight the battles'

Heard this great story while in London about the early days of St Helen's:

When new Rector Dick Lucas came to the city to begin his work in the early 1960s (he was just a little younger than I am now), he had some very faithful and committed people who persuaded him to step up and do the work. They were evangelists; they were givers, they were bringers of friends. And they supported Dick all the way. It was great to hear that. I heard this great report of one of them. A Colonel (now departed) from World War 2 came up to Dick one day and said to him:
"Dick, you are the Bible Teacher. I am the soldier. You teach the Bible. I'll fight the battles."
I am praying for more saints like that here at York Street, and all over Sydney.

I have three more posts on 'Blogging London', that I'm hoping to post today. Three topic areas:

1. The Lunchtime Business Ministry
2. The 'Read, Mark, Learn' Bible Study Program
3. The Associate Program (MTS)



Wendy said...

love reading your posts
I am excited about your ministry at York st
makes we want to move to the city!
happy thanksgiving
wendy morris

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