Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Free Nelson Mandela

You kids won't even remember this, but when I was a kid, Nelson Mandela was in still prison. Gosh, this Youtube brings back many memories:

I went to look for this song for no other reason than the song came into my head. I wondered while listening to the song how long it has been since he was released. So I googled it.

And -- get this -- it has been 20 years today that ' F.W. de Klerk reversed the ban on the ANC and other anti-apartheid organisations, and announced that Mandela would shortly be released from prison.' He was released 20 years ago on February 11.

20 Years today. Freaky.




byron smith said...

Wow - good timing! I remember the day he was released. I was in year six. Years later I read Long Road to Freedom and understood a little more of why so much was made of his release.

And amazing to think that after twenty years of freedom, he's still got another seven to go before he's been out as long as he was in.

Anthony Douglas said...

And the SMH Target 9-letter word for the day? It was apartheid.

jodi said...

I was in SA last week and was at Robben Island on the 12th... spent the morning walking and talking with two of Mandela's former inmates... was an amazing experience to hear their stories.

Hope you guys are well