Friday, August 06, 2010

Now I know where the noise comes from...

We can hear the rumble of trains underneath our home. It's not noisy. But you can feel it. If I'm up, I can tell the first train coming into the city at the crack of dawn. We live just above (and to the north) of Wynyard Station in the heart of the City. We live in the end of town that Miranda Divine from the Sydney Morning Herald calls "The Manhattan end of George Street."

But thanks to my friend Jasper Lee, I can now see how close to my home the trains actually are. The photos above are from the State Archives. The Train line was opened in 1932. The building of the church I pastor is in each of the photos.



Justin said...

Also -- you can see the old Rectory in the 2nd photo.

Martin T said...

Love the photos, Justin!