Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Classic Graffitti near NYU

While walking with a friend through New York University yesterday, we came across this timely piece of graffiti. It was near Astor Place. (Click on the picture to see more detail.)

We had to stop and take a pic.
  • Is this Christ Vs Hedonism?
  • What do you make of it?
  • For New York friends, what does it suggest about your mission field?
  • Is this what people really think if they are honest?
  • How did we get to this point?


Rachel said...

Hi Justin, You don't know me but I heard you speak at newcastle uni many years ago (I still have a print out you gave us -9 years ago)

this is great!

seriously though this is an issue that I have had to deal with as a chriatian/activist but probably not in the way you may think...

I have known many activists that "preach" polyamourous relationships (just a pomo word for 60's "free -love") and they seriously believe that the revolution will only ocour when all constraints including those enforced by marriage and monogamy are removed. often proves awkward for my husband and I, but other times leads to interesting discussion.

Rachel said...

should also add that not all activists that I hang out with are into polyamoury in case some people jump to conclusions about activists.

Justin said...

Hi Rachel -- I think you might mean 11 years ago! I think I last spoke at Newcastle in 1996 -- or maybe it was 1997. Eschatology was on the menu, I believe. The outline was bright blue!

I'm just astounded by the word 'polyamourous'.

Do they themselves practice polyamoury, and does it work for them? Are they happy? Is their revolution working?

Rachel said...

oh dear I'm hazy about dates but I'm pretty sure it was post 1997...

yeah many do practice polyamoury.

and are they happy?

well... maybe just as happy as the average secular monogamous relationship punter with its rollercoaster of life ups and downs.

I've seen it 'work' and not work.

I ran a radical parenting group workshop and it was eventually hijacked by a polyamoury evangelist who spoke about her family. this family was a mum and dad with two kids living on the north shore but.... they had an open marriage.

She seemed to suggest that it was 'working' for her family. I guess to me she seemed more stable than many nuclear disfunctional familes that I've seen.

yeah I dare you to drop the word 'polyamoury' at your next dinner party.

Justin said...

What is the stated reason for marriage for a polyamourous relationship, then?

yeah I dare you to drop the word 'polyamoury' at your next dinner party.

Shall do...

-nance. said...

When I move back up to NYC, I'll have a roommate like this. And for him, I think that if the "revolution" ever started, it ended in his pants.

And that's just because I don't know if many people are convinced enough of the "unblushing promises of reward" found in the Gospel (a Lewis quote from The Weight of Glory). I am surprised--though I probably shouldn't be--that so many of my Christian friends have been promiscuous, even when they have a monogamous relationship with another well-meaning Christian. I don't know if that's Christ vs. Hedonism...maybe more like a misconception that it has to be Christ vs. Hedonism. Following Christ makes us more fully human. Christ shows us how to love, how to have real, lasting relationships with others, and how to answer our deep questions.

It's when we understand that that we become the high school kid who has started working out and looks at his body proudly in the mirror. "Wow--I had no idea I even had that muscle. I feel good. I feel strong." Something like that happens when we follow Christ. New parts of what it means to truly live open up for us. And the revolution truly begins.

sam said...

in response to your comment on my blog...

"i think we may have met once. I used to be involved in Youth Ministry at St. Matts Anglican church West Pennant Hills. We came to your Youth Service at St. Ives one week. I know you preached that night (Eph 6 - Stand Firm) but i am not sure if we met. If we met it was a long time ago. I found your blog through Jodi Mac and Marty Kemp."

Hope you are well... i may bump into you at ENGAGE. But i am not sure if we are going yet?!

jodi said...

ok - this internet world is just a little bit trippy... a friend of mine, from sydney, now in newcastle, commenting on another friends blog - from sydney, now in newyork...

did christian circles need to get smaller?

hope to see you at engage sam - jmoff the count down is on for you guys getting here!

Justin said...

Sam -- great to have you here. I hope to see you on ENGAGE too!

Justin said...



What does Lewis say: "Fooling around with sex, alcohol and ambition like children playing around in the mud because we cannot understand what is meant by a holiday at the sea."

('Unblushing' is a great adjective!)

I will email you my last sermon at Christ Church. It touched on the idea that of being truly Human by living in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside what was written on the wall... I want to know if you paused to send a silent hello to Jim and Liz, since you were in our old neighborhood and possibly walked by our former building. Or were you just shopping at KMART?

Hi from California!