Wednesday, August 15, 2007

‘La Vida Loca’ or 'Rumspringa by Another Name'

After my post on Do our Churches have a version of Rumspringa a pastor wrote me an email called 'Rumspringa by Another Name'. Here is what he said:

At our church, when the leaders & I were working through young adult lists trying to work out where people were up to, occasionally we would put the letters (LVL) after a person’s name. ‘la vida loca’.


Have you been LVL? What brought you back?

(I've already heard from a few of you on the other post -- Thanks.)



Lunch said...

As you well know, Justin, I went LVL and I have to say that it was God's grace and nothing else that brought me back in to His family.

There was no epiphany or anything like that, just a realization that a life of mindless hedonism is ultimately unsatisfying and isolating.

At least that was my experience.

Justin said...

Good Call, Lunch.

Megs said...

la vida mia es loca siempre porce tengo dos pocenos!!!!!!