Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Men serving homeless men

I don't talk enough of what is going on with our Church. We have grown significantly this year. And because of this, we are now able to do more in and for the city.

So we have taken on two 'service project' or what they call here 'mercy ministries' here in NYC that we believe honors Christ, and serves the lost.

One of them is that the men of Christ Church serve the many homeless in the city. So once a month, we go to the NYC Rescue Mission and run their evening service. The men have nowhere to live, and they are struggling with all sorts of hardships, addictions and pain. They come for a meal, but if they want to stay the night in a clean bed at the Rescue Mission, they have to come to church first.

I think that they like it.

So in just a few hours, a group of us will be sharing the message of Hope to those who feel most hopeless.

Pray for us.


Andrew & Jessica said...

how did it go?

Justin said...

Its both really joyful and encouraging, and sad and difficult.

I guess a picture of life, really.

Benjamin Ady said...


what I've found in volunteering with homeless people is that they have a lot more hope than I do. The ones I hang with are mostly Christians, and I'm mostly not, so I guess that makes a certain sense.