Monday, September 24, 2007

Armchair Sports for a Toddler

In light of the current Rugby World Cup comes this gem:

The Boy to our friend Eric:
"Eric, I want you to throw me like a rugby ball.

"Umm, I don't think your parents would like me to throw you like a rugby ball."

The Boy:
"No, they WOULD like you to throw me like a rugby ball.
Throw me like a rugby ball, Eric."



Christian said...

Very funny :-)
So did Eric do it? (Surely it's every boy's right to be a rugby ball once in their life?)

Justin said...

Is that you Ando? Commenting on a non-theological post? :)

Anonymous said...

You could have been a photographer - the shots on this blog are really beautiful.

Justin said...

Thank you Anon. Most of them are Dr Laurels! (In fact, I think all of them!)

Anonymous said...

Ah... she is very artistic. The peace and lighting in her photos reflect her calm & yet charming personality!

Justin said...

Hi Anon. Do I know you? Email me jmoff at hotmail.

I ought to say that many of these pics aren't ours. Like the Pulpit Rock etc. I've acknowledged who took those shots at the end of the post.

But the family ones are ours.

Love to hear from you.