Friday, November 09, 2007

Cures for Jet Lag??

What are the cures for Jet-Lag?

We've had a great time in Sydney. I came out for the Engage conference, and then had a great time with family and friends. We are flying out and, God willing, will be in NYC on Saturday. We are itching to see everyone at church on Sunday.

But, how to get over Jet-Lag?

I have the ONLY cure.

See the comments.

In the meantime, a pictorial memoir...



Justin said...

The only cure is to *not* sleep. Not one bit. Not one scrap of the 22 hours.

Then its like an 'all-nighter' essay at University or College. You just hack it out, get it done, and then sleep the next time the sun goes down. You've lost a night. But 9 hours later, you are back on your feet.

If you sleep, you've lost the game. And you won't recover for a week.

I shall not be sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Okay, if that's the plan, be sure not to take Bill Clinton's autobiography 'My Life' as your reading material. You'll definately lose the game if you do.

phil markham

sam said...

apparently there is a cool drug that is really good for it. Can't remember what it is called but its about $60 a packet because it has no side effects and its pretty hard to get. One of my insomniac friends uses it. I thinki'd go for the all nighter approach.

David Ould said...

As a semi-frequent intercontinental traveller I'm with you on this one with a subtle addition.

The minute I get on the plane I set my watch to the final arrival timezone and look at it regularly. This helps me mentally get in the frame. It also tells me if I can realistically (yeah, right - with 2 under 4's how is this ever going to happen) try and catch a bit of sleep without messing up my sleep a the final destination.

Finite Rex said...

Have a safe flight! Our prayers are with you and your family. Should I pray that you don't sleep :-)

I love the pictures. Looks like a great time.

Mark & Shelby

Anthony Douglas said...

First, the drug mentioned will be melatonin, which basically regulates your body clock. Illegal in Oz, but I think over the counter in USA. It's good at convincing your body that day time is now and not then, if you get my drift.

But second, and most important; the real honest-to-goodness solution is not only simple, but pleasurable. Any flight that threatens jet lag will be a long one, and that means you get hugely dehydrated by all that dry recycled aircraft air. The antidote: a long, hot bath that you soak in for as long as possible. Your skin gets back what it lost, you feel much better, and the effects of jet lag are much reduced.

It's always served me well, though I've also been a devoted follower of the all-nighter approach (you can read so many books on a plane!).

Thanks, Justin, for Engage. Great job - not just on your own, but also in working with Chris. My group all really enjoyed the weekend, and no wonder!

Liesl said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! And yes, I've had very good results with melatonin. But maybe it's all in the head.

Can't wait to see you all again!

Megan said...

I agree in principle, but I've never been able to pull all-nighters without being off for a week. So I still find that it takes me a week or so to fully recover. And I don't sleep.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Eb said...

Cool to see you again Justin (and a bit surprising when I wasn't expecting you to open the door when I knocked at Katay's house...)

I find that trying to keep normal hours when I land helps. That is, don't be tempted to grab a nap on the day you arrive. Stay awake until something approaching normal bed time. The sun (if there is any) helps synchronise your body clock to the new timezone.

seapea said...

i told you justin, to use NO JET LAG pills from new zealand!!!!! it's the best!! when i went to china, i had NO PROBLEM - straight to meetings. God made No Jet Lag pills. He sure did. (and it's homeopathic too)

Ali said...

See it's all about your circadian rhythm. Melatonin, otherwise known as the "hormone of darkness", is manufactured in your pineal gland in response to light signals - so it in part controls this rhythm, thus it helps the jet lag. (You'll just have to excuse me - I studied behavioural and physiological ecology at uni once, and never get to use it for anything these days except random blog comments, so here was my chance!) Melatonin is synthesised by some foods, like rice and bananas, so eating those might help. Only problem is that I think you need to eat about 300kg of rice :) ...

Anonymous said...

That photo of the girl at the aquarium is breathtaking!
I miss you all very much already.
what am I going to do on thursday without you all around to play with.
maybe I will just go and hang at cafe topiary in epping and reminisce....
love you all

ang said...

Hi Justin,
long time reader, first time commenter,
I agree with the no sleep thing, besides its impossible to sleep in such as small space and siting up!

Also what are the details of the church you work at in NY, a friend from church is a pilot and will be in NY in december and i wanted to recommend it to him...


ferianto said...

Hi Justin,

thanks for visiting my blog
your talks on ENGAGE 07 were very helpful for me and act as a 'wake-up-slap' for me.

And thanks for your effort at ENGAGE '07 and don't worry the jet lag will be gone soon

Steve Ko said...

woah I didn't see these pics before. Looks like fun family time!

barceloneta said...

Hydrate during the flight, stay awake to get on the schedule of the destination, melatonin to sleep through the night and exercise in the morning.

Just flew Amsterdam to Manila (12hrs in the recycled air with a 9 a.m. arrival) and the formula above had me rocking and rolling.

Was hoping to discuss this and other stuff with you guys in Sydney this weekend (been too long) but...hope you are loving NYC.

Clay Douglass