Monday, April 28, 2008

Live Blogging the Acts 29 Dwell Conference

I'm going to live-blog a conference, but I'm going to do it with a twist. You can read my thoughts HERE.

I am registered for Dwell here in Manhattan on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am taking the Intern at our church (like an MTS Trainee). So Clint and I are going to hang out, learn, pray and spend some time asking all the hard questions that come with evangelism, church planting and reaching Urban Centers.

Live-Bloggers normally live Blog the talks. I am looking forward to the content, and I may Blog about some of the insights that we hear there. But I am going to leave the Blogging of the talks to others.

Instead, I am planning on introducing you some of the 'laborers in the harvest field' -- to some the hard working brothers and sisters who are planning, struggling and dreaming of reaching the lost for Christ wherever they are. I'm going to tell you a few of their stories, leaving the talks to others. (I'll link to their sites if I find them.)

Hopefully, I'll have the time to get to know people and their prayers...

(PS I will have my 'phone on in case #3 arrives early!)



adam said...

Weren't you giving away your conference tickets?

Justin said...


But I couldn't find a single non-believer who wanted to plant a church in an urban setting.

If you know any, then please let me know...


adam said...