Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wedding Tomorrow.

I realized that I have not posted in quite some time. I’d better put something up before I lose every reader. I have been back in NYC for 10 days, but have been catching my tail. I was privileged last weekend to be the (English) speaker at a Chinese Church that gathers in Flushing, Queens. We went Upstate NY, and we explored some parables that provoke. A hungry group of people (for the Bible, that is.)

I write to ask you to pray for two friends of mine. Laura and Clint are members of Christ Church NYC and they getting married tomorrow in Brooklyn. Great news. It will be the first wedding that I will witness in NYC (very different to St Ives, huh?). It shall be a privilege to pronounce them husband and wife.

Laura was one of a few people close to being a student when Laurel and I came to NYC 18 months ago. So she is very special to both of us. The work that exists now at Christ Church NYC amongst students was built around her and only one or two others. She’s a friend.

Clint will be joining us on staff next year at Christ Church NYC. He’s already being doing great work with a group called Student Venture. Clint will be in a kind of MTS role (let the reader understand) before they both go to Theological College next year. Great guy!

2PM Saturday, Brooklyn, NYC.


Tiddy said...

Congrats guys! Living in Sydney I've never met you, but if DJ Moffat gives you the thumbs up, that's enough for me...

Jenny said...

Welcome back to the land of blogs Justin. I guess (along with everyone else), as soon as you mention Flushing Queens, the Nanny's theme song goes through my mind.

Stephanie Dosch said...

Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comments, and for what you write in your own posts. I still am quite in awe that you actually read my writing which is much inferior to yours in whit, research, and style. I am so glad you were able to do a wedding of people that are so close to you. That must have been very special! Matt and I are still praying about doing the pre-marital counseling and hope that you and Dr Moffat might still consider us. Thank you so much for your mentorship and generosity of encouragement.

Martin said...

I loooove the Werezaks.