Sunday, July 22, 2007

Evangelism: 7 Lies (#2)

These are 7 lies of the devil with regard to evangelism; and then 7 possibilities from God. I delivered these to the Jews for Jesus Summer Campaign volunteers last week.

Lie #2. People change like rocks change.

i.e. Never. And if they do, it’s unusual and not to be expected – like a landslide.

But the devil wants you to think of people like rocks. And what do you do with rocks? You stare and them and do nothing. He wants you to think this, so that you’ll do nothing. Or be like a geologist: stare and study and discuss, but expect no change.

But I reckon people are shakier than that. They are more like a reed in the wind, blowing here and there. Most people, I don't think, have a particularly compelling reason to believe what they believe. Some do. Many do. But most don't.

After all, didn't Jesus speak about how it feels and what happens when one builds a house on sand?

So I often say to people: "You aren’t really sure about that, are you?" And "you know that what Jesus says is good and worthwhile!"

Pic by d-4ce


Benjamin Ady said...

actually people aren't like rocks or reeds. The one is too long, and the other too short, for time spans. People are more like .... centuries. They don't change instantly, and yet they can change rapidly. But rapidly is relative, and people, like centuries, have a story, and a history, and a context, and these things ought to be taken into account by those intending to gently and respectfully steer the course of either.

the difference between changing rocks and changing people is that rocks are changed by forces which they don't necessarily change in return. But when a person is the agent of genuine change in another person, more often than not they themselves will experience change. And this can be mindblowingly beautiful or horrifying, depending on the case.

golly I'm carrying on, aren't I?

Justin said...

But you are profound...


Benjamin Ady said...

deep. like a well. ;-)