Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Evangelism: 7 Lies (#6)

The 7 lies and then 7 possibilities were delivered to encourage the Jews for Jesus Summer Campaign volunteers last week.

6. Saying something to someone is the end of the business.

We can so believe lies 1-5 that when someone... anyone... shows any interest, we get so excited that don’t do anything else after a short conversation about Jesus. But how will I follow up that contact? How will I introduce them to community? What are the next steps?

Imagine if we all opened a new restaurant where very few people come in at first. And then finally someone comes in a looks at the menu, and everyone gets so excited that we run out the back to have a celebration and talk about how good it is that someone looked at the menu.

Go the full distance with people. This requires, of course, a new level of love and new level of organization.

Pic by Chris&AmyCate

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