Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Question for you...

A Question...

What is at the vortex of Perfect Weather, Sunday July 22, 2007 and Central Park, NYC?

Answer: Harry Potter.

We spent all afternoon in Central Park with a group from church yesterday and it was clear to anyone that Harry was being read by the hundreds in Central Park yesterday afternoon.

It felt like a Yo-Yo Craze for adults. (Remember the Yo-Yo Craze?)

Excuse me for a moment, I have to go and buy me a copy...



Jenny said...

Hi Justin. It would be lovely to sit in the park in sunshine.
I do remember the yoyo craze - and it has come and gone again a couple of times since I have been teaching. And that was the 'elastics' craze (maybe not at an all boys school).
Unfortunately the crazes tend to be things like YuGiOh! cards these days. Nothing that promotes exercise.
I have not read a Harry Potter book since the first one. Maybe one day I will get around to it.
I 'know' Priscilla through Kate's (Our Red House) blog. She linked to me that way. Do you know Priscilla?

Benjamin Ady said...

yeah--well, over 70 million copies sold worldwide already. Including 10% of the population of UK bought one.

Meanwhile another 30,000 children will starve to death today. bummer

Justin said...

I know Priscilla through Craig S (THese Infinite Spaces) and Ruth (the Little Children). Shes in NY State, and has a few Australian Blogging friendships. Its Nice.

Justin said...


Meanwhile another 30,000 children will starve to death today.

This is an awful truth. Profoundly awful. And you could make it a tag on every post you make. Seriously.

Like this:

"xxxxxxxxx (any post comment), and meanwhile another 30,000 children will starve to death today. Bummer."

Could get attention?