Saturday, August 02, 2008

E.B. Reames: Art on Friday (#1)

Beth Reames is an accomplished artist. She also happens to be Dr. Laurel's mom. So we like her anyway. But her art is wonderful. We have some of her works brightening up our living room. Our friend Mike Winram bought several pieces for his offices in Sydney. People regularly comment about the beauty of the paintings.

So I've decided to make Friday 'E.B Reames Friday'. Each Friday, I will post one of her works for your enjoyment.

This painting is called: "Living on the Edge".

Should you wish to compliment, then please do so by either posting a comment, or by emailing her. She sells her art, of course. So feel free to visit her website or contact her if you wish to buy.

Email Beth: HERE.
OR visit the E.B.Reames website: HERE.



Carter said...

Absolutely stunning! but of course Beth's my wife.

Justin said...

Ah. Good afternoon, Mr Reames!

Of course, you are right on both counts.

Jenny said...

I love her paintings - I looked at her site. Has she travelled to Italy lots? Or lived there?
I am going to check out the book she suggests - The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.

Michael Winram said...

I love the paintings that I bought and have in my office. I have this brilliant painting of a barn happily situated at the side of a dirt road surrounded by stunning trees that I look at every day.

People still make comments when they come to see me.

Beth said...

Justin, thanks for putting my work on your blog. However, I checked the links you have and they don't seem to work on my pc. Email:
web site:

Beth said...

oops email: