Thursday, August 21, 2008

He's not really my uncle, is he?

About a week ago, The Little Man saw a billboard with Uncle Sam on it. He asked who he was. I told him it was Uncle Sam, and spoke a little about him.

So, after a week, The Little Man and I were having what they now call "Daddy and Dude Time". And he speaks up out of the Blue:
The Little Man: You know about Uncle Sam. He's not really my Uncle, is he?
Me: You are right, Little Man, He's not really your uncle.
The Little Man: And he doesn't really want me, does he?
Me: I guess not. Well, except that he apparently he wants you to join the army.
The Little Man: Well, I don't want to join the army. I don't like the army.
Me: Oh, why not?
The Little Man: Cause they are knights in shining army.
I wish I had a tape recorder.


1 comment:

SeaPea said...

i think you can use your BB to record. try it!

he's too funny. i think he'll be a great political pundit in the future, don't you think??