Thursday, August 14, 2008


This pic is here just in case anyone has been wondering if we've been relaxing...

So far...
  • After our time in Wenatchee with the Groffs, we joined the believers at Church at Christ The Redeemer Church in Spokane on Sunday. This is the church that we are serving at their family camp coming up in a week.
  • We have reunited with our friends the Hughes', which has been fun. Our kids love their kids (and lots of them there are.)
  • And our good friend Em-mma Collett has as joined us in a Lake House by Hayden Lake in Idado. Emma is The Little Lady's God-mum.
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1 comment:

Megs said...

Howdy across the mountains Moffatts!

You're on HOLIDAY, not vacation! Gotta preserve the mother tongue!!!!!

Hope the camp goes well. And of course you're all welcome to swing by Seattle if you have the opportunity! It's quite a bit colder than eastern washington, and right now is pouring with rain, but the people are very nice.