Saturday, May 06, 2006


Just before Emma came to visit from Sydney, we put a picture of her up on our desktop computer so that The Boy could get used to her being around.

So included in his vocabulary now is the word: Emma.

More specifically, it is Em-mma.

So here is how The Boy answers the following questions:

Who’s coming in three days? Em-mma.
Who's that coming out of the taxi from JFK? Em-mma.
Who's the godmother of The Girl? Em-mma.
Who'll help us on our weeklong trip to Washington DC, Atlanta and Albuquerque? Em-mma.
Who's that getting up with The Boy at the crack of dawn? Em-mma.
Who's that taking the kids out for another stroll? Em-mma.
Who's that bathing the kiddos? Em-mma.
Who’s that changing another nappy? Em-mma.
Who is The Boy's fav? Em-mma.

Who is a Godsend?


Love, Justin and Laurel.

PS Top 4 Pics were taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Last 3 Pics were taken by great friends of ours in Central Park.


chelsea said...

great pics Justin!
Please say hi to Em for me - i didnt get to see her before she went!
Hope y'all have a good time!

The Pocknalls said...

Hi again. The boy is very cute.
Just had a distant memory - was the girl 'inside' when we met you at Macquarie Center all those many months/years ago?
(Doesn't time fly by!)

Justin said...

Hey Pocknalls.

I don't remember when we met up at Mac Centre. I think it was before The Girl was inside. Time does fly!