Friday, May 12, 2006

Dr Laurel

Laurel graduates with her PhD in "Shakespeare’s Use of Nothing" this Saturday May 13 in Washington, DC. She graduates 10am [12 midnight Sunday in Sydney]. It has been a labour of love. But in the contest between Something and Nothing, it would appear that Something eventually won.

Then [together with Em-mma] we will be flying to Atlanta then to Albuquerque, New Mexico, next Friday. Laurel will be flying under the name Dr. Laurel Moffatt.


All you shy readers out there: I know who you are. Why not post your congratulations here on this site? Click on the 'comments' thing below. Register yourself with a name, or even anonymously, and post your congratulations. Why write a card, I say? I'll pass on the love to the Doctor.

Love, Justin.

PS I've included some random recent photos. I think that Em-mma took most of them.


dave traill said...

hey dr moffatt, congratulations on the PhD, that is brilliant news.

hope the graduation goes smoothly and you all have a great celebration afterwards.

and j-man, the boy is really growing up quickly! that last pic is like the end of a movie, with the dad walking off screen with the boy in hand - beautiful!

have a safe flight, y'all

chelsea said...

Congratulations Laurel!!
Thats so exciting!
hehe im still so impressed you managed to do all this while having 2 kids and moving country! Nice work!
Hope it all goes well in DC!

The Pocknalls said...

Well done Laurel. I am VERY impressed. I could not even begin to imagine studying with small ones around.
I hope you guys enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

out of the woodwork - nice one Laurel [and support from J].


Scott said...

As far as we were concerned you were always Dr material (I'm not sure what that means but it's a compliment!) Well done, your kids are beautiful and your hubbie is a dude.
Scott, Hayley and Ben

Kat B. said...

To Laurel: Congratulations! I can only imagine how much work a phd is. I feel overwhelmed with just my humble second year work.

michael jensen said...

way to go!!!


I am so proud to know ya.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laurel!

Hope the trip goes well :) I have fond memories of Albuquerque from our trip in 2004...its!

Good to see you're all settling in really well over there...

Matt Pearce

Julia Collings said...

Well Done Laurel!! to think that when I first met you you were doing your Masters...and now...Mrs Dr!!! excellent!!!

Em said...

Hey J-Man!
Congratulations to Laurel -I'd love to read it sometime!
Kate and I will be out in NYC later this year and would love to see you guys! I'll email dates etc soon.
Love, hugs and prayers,

Tiddy said...

Congrats Dr Laurel... that's awesome news. Good onya!

I always knew you were smart...

jodi mclaren said...

Dr Laurel you look as beautiful as ever in your cap and gown - well done!!!
wish i could be there to give you a big congrats hug but i'm sure you get the sentiment. lots of love xxx

Goldy said...

Congrats Doc. Moff!!

Quite an achievement! I'm newly inspired to make use of the fiendishly large amount of time I have to do my simple Bth study!

Katie said...

Hooray Dr Moffatt!
Congratulations on your spiffy new title, can't wait til me and em venture out at the end of the year and see you - the boy and girl are gorgeous!

Hartmut said...

Hello Justin, I got your blog on my RSS-Feed-List... so that I politely like to make my Congratulations for your wife! And... I love Shakespeare!!
Greets from Germany!

sharon said...

Congratulations Laurel.......and Happy anniversary you guys!

i remember you describing shakespeare and nothing to me years ago when i was home - it seems like years ago!!

lots of love

Jim said...

Firstly congratulations!

Secondly, were there any references to "Seinfeld" and how this may have furthered Shakespear's use of "Nothing"? Its a long shot I guess.


Camel said...

Congrats Laurel. Must be a great relief to have all that work completed and now be a Dr. Was cool to talk to you all the other day.

nfloridonker said...

dr moffatt
you are an inspiration ... and so stylish. congratulations on your remarkable achievement.

I would like to say welcome to the ranks of doctors.
however, you are a real one and we are merely bachelor degrees posing as medics....

we are missing you all sorely and trying to figure out how we can come and introduce baby charlotte "the screamer" to NYC. i think she would fit in well there, as it is the city that never sleeps and she is the baby that never sleeps!
lots of love nat and josh x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurel,
Congratulations! What a HUGE 12 months of work and change and everything...Well Done.
I hope you know you've always been a great encouragement to Nik and I as a person, a Christian, and a scholar. We miss [both] you guys heaps!
Mike and Nikki Thompson