Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What I'm reading on the Subway #1.

A new segment. Subway rides can be crowded and useful. A simple book held close to one's nose can be digested between stops. I might try to drop in a few quotes of some stuff I'm reading every now and then.

Is that OK?

From: “Peculiar Treasures: A Biblical Who’s Who”, by Frederick Buechner.

"Barabbas: Pilate told the people that they could choose to spare the life of either a murderer named Barabbas or Jesus of Nazareth, and they chose Barabbas. Given the same choice, Jesus, of course, would have chosen to spare Barabbas as well.

To understand the reason in each case would be to understand much of what the New Testament means by saying that Jesus is the Saviour, and much of what it means to say that, by and large, people are in bad need of being saved.

See Mark 15:6-15 "

Very Tidy.

Love, Justin.


chelsea said...

"Is that OK?"
Justin, I mean really! :P I think its a brilliant idea! I have been enjoying using my train time to and from uni for queit times of late too - very cool!
Anyway, that is very tidy! Always encouraging when things are so clearly part of God's plan! :)

Scott said...

All I can say is . ..

"Call me barabbas"

Justin said...

And also -- call me "the crowd"


Anonymous said...

and on a different track .... who would you be as Jesus walked around? When the crowd gathered, were you: up close and personal, watching at a distance, did you hang back when people left to ask him a question - and if so, was it 'theology' to trick him, or was it from a heart desperate for him to save you ... me - heck , i was probably drinking tea and talking about the guy that was doing stuff, probably trying to decide if he was worth checking out. Scarey ... rh

Anonymous said...

actually the reason i logged into this was to say HELLLLOOOOOOOOO em-ma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we miss you at pg! but prayed for you! rh

chelsea said...

...its such a good point hey - call me the crowd, call me barabas....i went through the last week of jesus' life with my b/s girls just before easter and put that to them too - what would you have done, who would you be like, if you were there?! They were definately challenged!
And so was I.
(hehe sorry, im back again...was just thinking through it again :) )