Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My faith was nurtured in this building.

Vale St Barnabas' Broadway [The building, not the church]. A great place goes up in flames.

My faith was nurtured in this building. My faith, as well as the faith of thousands of others.

I was a member there from 1990-1991. I was part of the start-up of BAD [Barneys After Dark youth ministry]. St Barnabas sent me to be an MTS trainee to Newcastle Uni. When I came back to Sydney to go to Moore Theological College, I served and was served at Barneys from 1995-1996. I then took the ministry position at St Ives. Among many, Rob Forsyth taught us well.

I'll miss that space.

Hebrews 13:7

Anyone got any good memories from St Barnabas? Good sermons? Events? Any present or past member of Barneys wishes to speak up, you'd be most welcome...

And, of course, if you have never been to St Barnabas, but wish to say something, feel free.

So... the next chapter is up.

Love, Justin.


Anonymous said...

Too many memories to list here, but numerous weddings (including my own) funerals and that fantastic organ all up in smoke is very sad. - rbb

jodi mclaren said...

i woke up this morning and found out our office was gone. scrap that - everything physical was gone.
actually - it has been a great day amongst all the sadness for many people. there was a great morning of prayer at the powell's place before discussing ways forward for that community.
the refrain for the day has been "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away - blessed be the name of the Lord".

michael jensen said...

Wow, yes, Rob and kath's wedding, Rob and Bec's wedding, Al and Ruth's, Mark and Anya's, the baptisms of Sacha and Matilda (and my own!), the funeral of Hope O'Brien, the funeral of Kylie Crain (which I missed)... Truth is a Person mission 1989, week in week out GREAT preaching from Katay Powell Forsyth and co, fellowship, the music of Steve Crain and Nicki Chiswell, running around there as a kid with Michael Blanch, chang the homeless guy who slept next to the church for years, Charlie Fulham... being EU vice-president and photocopying all day long... Dorothy Tremlett (the last of the old ladies)... the wooden pews you used to snag your clothes on...

anita said...

...annie willis and jono wilson's piano playing, rob brown on bass, me spending hours taping eu talks in the back hall, the hymns, rob forsyth preaching so well, so many people to talk with, such a great atmosphere, real spiritual challenge and growth. i started going at end of '89 til '93

Camel said...

I have never been a member but have a lot of friends who have and have visited numerous times.

No real poingent (sp???) memories. Always loved the Katay/Powell combo though. Just great Bible teaching.

Also had EU GC meetings in the building out the back. Many long nights discussing important and unimportant things. Was an exciting time in the Blue Room hearing and sicussing how God's word had gone out and was to go out at Sydney Uni.

byron smith said...

Six years of marriage, six years of learning all over again what it means to be community, when that community is new every morning (or at least every march when the student waves arrive), five and three quarter years of pews to die for/on, and oh cruel short months of buttock bliss... when does a building stop being just a building?