Friday, May 19, 2006

The Boy Bouncing in the Mountains of Georgia [Video included]

The family spent the last three days in the mountains of Georgia at Mommie's 90th Birthday [The Girl is pictured here with her Great-Grandma]. Loads of relatives were there. Em-mma was there.

There was also this cool enclosed trampoline that we used for hours solid.

Click here for the VIDEO of The Boy bouncing with his cousins. With their combined weight, they could not really bounce very high.

But with MY 85kgs...

I like the way they all laughed. I like how repeating something over and over is never boring. With apologies to Job [who on top of his suffering, had to endure his mate’s dumb words], I ask you to click here. Bildad, like all of us I guess, talked long enough to eventually say something good.

Love, Justin.


Julia Collings said...

Very cute video Justin!!! The Boy is getting cuter by the minute!!! (as is The Girl)...You may not have heard about the newest addition to our church...Baby Kinstead has arrived!!! Most Excellent!!! (check out

dave traill said...

j-man, that is GOLD!! i watched it at work and laughed out loud, it was so good!

you're still a kid at heart, great to see. those kids were bouncing all over the shop, thanks for making me laugh on a friday morning.

chelsea said...

what a beautiful spot - the last shot is awesome!
Anyway - that video is classic!haha The kids are soo cute!! :) Fun!

michael jensen said...

Hey wow. I am 85 kgs. When were we ever the same weight?!

You are now a man of substance.

seapea said...

wow, you're very blessed to have such extended family who (seem to) loves you too! congrats to both!

Camel said...

Love the video. Sounds like a good ole shindig type good time.